Cabinet Maker

Job description

cabinet makerUnion represents forty (40) shops total, each requiring different types and varying levels of skills. Examples include plywood shops, those that work on roof trusses, beams and rafters; production plants that construct such institutional structures as desks, cabinets, chairs, and closets, among others.

All work is inside work (in factories).



Apprenticeship program

There is no apprenticeship program.

Applicants will be given a list of contractors with whom they can seek employment. Most employers are looking for skilled workers. The union, however, is composed of about 50% skilled workers, and 50% unskilled workers.

It is recommended that any interested union member first find employment and undergoes the probationary period of 60-120 days prior to paying his/her initiation fee and becoming a union member.

After the probationary period, a worker of any of the forty (40) shops is required to join the union and pay both the initiation fee and monthly dues.

More Information

Transportation Requirements

Employee is expected to arrive at work on time. A car is not a requirement, especially because there is little traveling or changing of job sites.

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