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boilermakerThe Construction Management program is designed to produce leaders with the organizational, analytical, technical, and communication abilities to direct most complicated construction operations. This practitioner-oriented degree can enhance a student's professional career in the industry by combining the structure design and engineering concepts with management and business skills.

Those completing the Construction Management Program will be well equipped to work as Project Managers, Facility Managers, Estimator Bidders, and a host of other positions for Mechanical Contractors as well as General Contractors in the Construction Industry. "A four-year accredited university construction program is a very complete education that prepares its graduates for both field-managerial and office positions," according to Bill Rascher, owner of Rascher Plumbing & Heating, graduate of UW-Stout's Construction Management program.

Training program

The Construction Management Program is a four-year degree program offered through a number of different universities (please refer to the Related Industry Sites for a listing of schools offering the program). Two local universities offering the program include the University of Minnesota and the University of Wisconsin, Stout (see links at left). Courses are offered during the day and also on nights and weekends through the Continuing Education Department of various schools.

Construction Management programs concentrate on key competencies of science/technology, management, and communication. The curriculum provides a blend of business, communications, science, math, liberal studies, architectural, engineering and construction courses to prepare students for the multitude of career options in construction.

Required field experience, plus class instruction from professional architects, engineers, builders and construction managers give students hands-on, real-world experience to bring to their new careers.


Requirements for admission differ between universities. Please see program websites for specific qualifications.

Selection procedures

Today there are hundreds of construction careers with a single company, such as project managers and estimator bidders. These are great careers that not only give you financial rewards but will also give you pride, a sense of accomplishment, and the ability to leave your mark on the world for hundreds of years.

Most universities partner with contractors, requiring students to complete internships. These internships provide valuable learning opportunities. They also provide contractors with skilled, trained Project Managers. Thanks in large part to internships, universities offering the Construction Management Program boast very high job placement rates. UW-Stout, for example, has a 100% job placement rate-many as Project or Facility Managers-for their graduates with a B.S. in Construction.

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Pay for project managers and estimator bidders will vary with the company and the amount of experience. Salary for a Project Manager can start at $40,000/year in less technical areas and up to $50,000/year in the more technical industries such as the mechanical industry. Pay will vary with the size of the company and the city.

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