Glazier / Glass Worker

Job description

floor covererGlaziers include the installation of aluminum metal storefronts, window frames, doors and frames for entrances, curtain walls on high rise building, ribbon windows, installation of glass and glass substitute. Also includes the installation of handrails and glass along with interior hollow metal, mirrors, shower doors and glass walls Need to be able to work at the edge of a building and at great heights. Glaziers report to the job sites

Glass Workers know all phases of glass fabrication. Glass cutting--laminated, single and double strength, plate and rough glass. Work on polishing and grinding machines. There are metal fabricators who work on the fabrication of storefront windows, doors and frames, ribbon windows and curtain walls Includes warehousing and handling of flat and bent glass. Glass Workers report to their individual shops.

Production Workers--mostly assembly work in shops.

Apprenticeship program

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Before an applicant can be accepted into the apprenticeship program, the applicant must first be employed by one of the contractors. The union represents about 35 shops, all of which have apprenticeship programs. There are three (3) different kinds of workers that are connected with the trade:

1. The outside Glazier: whose work involves traveling to where the sites of the jobs are.
2. The inside part of the trade, or Glass Worker whose work is located at an individual shop.
3. The production worker, whose work is mostly assembly-type work in the production shops. The production shops do not have apprenticeship programs.

The apprenticeship program for both Glaziers and the Glass Workers involves 6,000 hours (3 years) of on-the-job training, and at least 144 hours of related instruction each year. The classes are held during the day at MN Finishing Trades, 3205 Country Drive, Little Canada, MN.


  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must be a high school graduate or equivalent (GED) and shall furnish the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC) a copy of their High School Diploma, High School Transcript, or GED.
  • Must be physically capable of lifting 75lbs on a constant basis
  • Must have driver's license with an insurable driving record.
  • Should like to with their hands.
  • Apprentice application is submitted by the employer to the JATC.

Note: For Glaziers, experience around construction is preferred. For Glass Workers, experience around construction with an emphasis on ability with one's hands is preferred.

Selection procedures

Entrance into the apprenticeship program will only come through already established employment. Apprentices are chosen from those who are working for a contractor in the industry. Acceptance into the program is entirely based upon the need for apprentices in various shops. The JATC will interview those recommended for apprenticeship.

Both the Glazier apprentice and the Glass Worker apprentice have the responsibility of keeping a record of the hours they have worked and in what specific areas they put in those hours. These records are turned into the apprenticeship coordinator each month.

A helper program exists for Glass Workers. This involves working in the warehouse and helping journeyworkers.

An industrial program exists for Glaziers. This involves going out in the field and assisting journeyworkers

More Information

Tools Needed

The Glass Workers need not provide any tools for themselves; the outside Glaziers must furnish themselves with a basic set of hand tools which can cost as much as $500-$750.

Transportation Requirements

Glass Workers need only to arrive on time at the shop in which they are employed. They will also drive company trucks.

Glaziers need to have their own vehicle
The job requires reporting to the worksite and driving company vehicles.


Usually daytime, may vary: 40 hours 7:00 am - 3:30 pm.


A glazier apprentice starts at 60% of the wage earned by a journeyworker, with an increase of 5% given for every 1,000 hours worked for the first 4,000 hours worked; and then, 10% for the last two 1,000 hour increments of apprenticeship.

Glass Worker starts at 70% of the wage earned by a journeyworker, with an increase of 5 % given every 1,000 hours worked.

Union Dues

There is an initiation fee and monthly membership dues based on wages and level. Check with the Local for amounts.

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