Iron Worker: Twin Cities Shopmen's Local

Other locations:
Minnesota, North Dakota and Western & Northwestern Wisconsin

Job description

boilermaker Iron Workers No. 535 represents nine (9) shops, and each of those has its own set of requirements and qualifications for employment. The union compiles and maintains a list of all of the companies/employers, as well as a list of all of the unemployed union members.

New workers for any of the shops represented by Local No. 535 are expected to join the union. The union does not have the right to refuse membership to any individual interested in becoming a member.


Apprenticeship program

There is no apprenticeship program.

More Information

Transportation Requirements

Worker needs to be able to get to work each day on time. It is not necessarily expected that he/she have a car.


The working day usually begins at 7:00 AM and ends at 3:30 PM.


Wages vary between the different contractors and are dependent upon the worker's level of skill as well as the amount of time he/she has been working.

Union Dues

The initiation fee is $60.00 and the union dues are $30.00 each month.

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Iron Workers & Shopmen No. 535
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Orvin Halvorson