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Job description

boilermaker Structural Ironworkers unload, erect and connect fabricated iron beams to form the project skeleton. They work primarily on industrial, commercial and large residential buildings, as well as build towers, bridges, stadiums and prefabricated metal buildings.

Reinforcing Ironworkers fabricate and place steel bars (rebar) in concrete forms to reinforce structures. They also install post-tensioning tendons (cables) to place in concrete forms along with reinforcing steel and stress tendons using hydraulic jacks and pumps after the concrete is poured and hardened.

Ornamental Ironworkers install metal windows into a building's masonry or wooden openings and erect curtain wall and window wall systems that cover the steel or reinforced concrete structure of a building. They also install and erect metal stairways, catwalks, gratings, doors, railings, fencing, elevator fronts and building entrances.


  • Constant standing and walking indoors and outdoors on uneven terrain throughout shift, depending on assignment
  • Frequent lifting, carrying tools, equipment and/or metal stock up to 50 pounds; assistive devices available for lifting and carrying up to 100 pounds
  • Occasional climbing stairs, ladders and/or scaffolding
  • Constant bending and/or twisting at waist, knees and/or neck while performing job functions
  • Constant kneeling and/or crouching while performing duties at or near ground level
  • Frequent working in awkward positions and cramped spaces
  • Constant use of both hands and arms in reaching, handing or grasping, with frequent overhead reaching required while using tools and equipment necessary in job performance
  • Constant use of sight abilities in performing duties and in maintaining a safe work environment, visual requirements include hand/eye/foot coordination and visual acuity in near- and mid-range
  • Constant use of speech and hearing abilities in communication with coworkers and supervisors


  • Constant mental alertness, attention to detail and accuracy required in maintaining a safe work environment
  • Must be able to plan and organize work in order to complete all assignments in a timely manner
  • Must possess good mechanical aptitude and spatial reasoning abilities in order to develop procedures and determine best method to accomplish desired results
  • Must possess good mathematical skills indlucing fractions, decimals, algebra and trigonometry in order to do calculations in fabrication work
  • Must be able to read and understand technical information and standards, manuals, Material Safety Data Sheets, work orders, blueprints and diagrams
  • Must be able to read, write, speak and understand English

Apprenticeship program

The Ironworkers Local 512 offers a three year/4200 hour apprenticeship program of on-the-job training with approximately 204 hours of related classroom and hands on shop training per year. Accepted apprentices are responsible for tuition which includes textbooks and training materials. Classes are held two nights a week with some additional Saturday training sessions each semester. Classes run from August through May and are held a the Ironworkers Training Center located at 835 Pierce Butler Route, St Paul, MN, (651) 489-3829.

The actual number of apprentices accepted or if a class of apprentices will be accepted will be dependent upon the level of construction activity. The dates applications will be accepted will be posted on the Ironworkers Local 512 website under the apprenticeship tab. Applicants will be required to take a computer based job fit assessment along with a completed application, drug screen and background check.

Apprentices are responsible for their monthly union dues and purchase of a tool belt and tools.

More Information

Tools Needed

Basic hand tools are required and cost approximately $350 to get started.

Transportation Requirements

Applicants must be able to furnish their own transportation. There is a considerable amount of travel.


A normal work day is eight (8) hours, Monday through Friday, starting between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. and ending between 3:30 and 4:30 p.m. unless working overtime. Ironworkers average approximately 1,750 hours per year.

Apprentices should be aware that there could be periods of unemployment.


Apprentice wages start at 70% of the journeyman rate and increase every 6 months if hours, related training, and other requirements are met.

Union Dues

Currently, apprentices are paying $49.50 per month plus a working assessment for employed apprentices (4% of gross). There is a $100 initiation fee. There is no apprentice to journeyman status fee except for a $20 final exam fee.

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Larry Gilbertson
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Region A Coordinator
Pete Teigland
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Region B Coordinator
Brian Nelson
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Region C Coordinator
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