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Job description

laboersLaborers are the backbone of the Construction Industry. Laborers perform work in nearly every facet of construction; including, but not limited to, Building, Highway & Heavy, Environmental Remediation, Mainline Pipeline, Distribution, Landscaping, and Commercial Cleaning. Specific tasks laborers may perform are asbestos abatement, concrete placement, scaffold erection, mason tending, demolition, plaster tending, and site cleanup, to name a few.



Apprenticeship program

Becoming a New Construction Craft Laborers Union Member Apprentice of the Minnesota Laborers Union is one of the most important steps a person can take in their life. The Laborers Apprenticeship Program is a mandatory, state regulated program that has been designed to benefit new construction craft Laborers by giving them increased knowledge and a wide variety of advanced skill levels to perform productively and safely on construction jobsites.


Level of Apprenticeship Hours of Training Hours of Work % of Class I Journeyworker Wage
Level 1 (Year 1) 0-100 0-1500 80%
Level 2 (Year 2) 101-200 1501-3000 87%
Level 3 (Year 3) 201-288 3001-4000 95%

Required Courses: Safety Week (40 Hours), General Construction (40 Hours) and Orientation (4 Hours)


  • Not less than eighteen (18) years of age.
  • Laborers must be physically able to do the work.
  • Previous construction industry experience is helpful, but not required.
  • The Laborer must be able to get to and from work and sometimes to different jobsites in the same day, so having a valid driver's license and means of transportation may be required.
  • The Union Contractor hiring may have other qualifications they are looking for in Skilled Laborer candidates.
  • Upon beginning work for an Employer, become a member of and maintain membership in good standing in the Laborers International Union pursuant to the governing Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Employment procedures

  • To get started, you must first obtain employment with a Signatory Union Contractor with the Laborers District Council of MN & ND. You can visit and view the "FIND A UNION CONTRACTOR" tab to verify signatory contractor status.
  • Ask to speak to the person in charge of hiring or the human resource representative of the Union Contractor.
  • Bring a resume with your past work history and references.
  • Dress appropriately as you would for work on a construction site. (safety vest & glasses, hard hat & boots)
  • Bring a lunch and be ready to work the day you visit. The contractor may need help immediately.
  • As a member of the Laborers Union, take training and attend union meetings regularly. Union meetings often uncover work opportunities within the region.
  • As work demands change and layoffs occur, you may from time to time enroll in your Laborers Local Union Hall's "out of work" list. By filling out a skills card and keeping training up to date, you have an advantage of being called out based on work history, specific training from the Laborers Training Center and proven skills.

More Information

Tools Needed

Steel Toed work boots, Hard Hat, Vest and Safety Glasses are required on all jobsites. Some PPE is provided by the Union Contractor. Apprentices are expected to accumulate a basic set of hand tools early in their training.

Transportation Requirements

Workers are generally expected to provide their own transportation. Workers may be required to travel and find living accommodations away from home for periods of time.


Generally, eight (8) hours daily.


Wages vary depending on the work sector you are working in. Check with your Union Contractor employer on the collectively bargained wage rates for the work you are doing. Apprentices will be under the Apprenticeship scale as shown above.

Union Dues and Other Fees

All members pay Union dues. Please check with your Laborers Local Union Hall or Laborers Union Business Agent for this information.

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