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Job description

laboersWork involves all aspects of the construction industry; building, highway heavy; environmental, commercial, distribution, mainline, pipeline, landscaping, and cleaning.

Certain jobs require specific training (i.e. Asbestos Workers and Hazardous Waste Workers). If interested, inquire about these jobs at the union.



Apprenticeship program

Please see the General Apprenticeship Information page for a description of the program.

More Information

Tools Needed

Most tools and equipment provided by the contractor.

Transportation Requirements

Workers must provide their own transportation. Workers may be required to travel and find living accommodations away from home for periods of time.


Generally, eight (8) hours daily.


Apprentices start at 80% of the wage earned by a Journeyworker, depending on the type of work performed and the location of the job. Wages vary throughout the state. Apprentices receive an increase in pay after completing each 100 hours of training and 1,500 hours of work. To complete the program apprentices need:

Total training hours = 288 hours
Total work hours = 4,000 hours

Union Dues

There is an initiation fee and monthly membership dues. Check with the local for the amounts.

Contact Us

Laborers Local 405
1848 Second Ave. SE
Rochester, MN 55904
(507) 282-2349

Apprenticeship Director
Dean Mills