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Job description

millwrightWork involves the assembly, erection, installation and maintenance of all types of industrial machines and equipment. Includes presenting installations and moving production equipment and machines.

Millwrights will gain skills in the use of a variety of hand and power tools, welding and brazing of all types of metals, and will learn to use all types of welding equipment, optic tooling, precision measuring tools, hoists, and cranes.


Apprenticeship program

Applications are accepted year-round at the following address:

Millwrights Local No. 1348
307 - 1st Street North
Virginia, MN 55782
(218) 741-6314

Interested persons who live too far away to make application in person can request one by mail and then send it in. The program includes 7,000 hours of on-the-job training and a minimum of 144 hours of related-instruction per year.


  • Must be 17 years of age or older.
  • Must be a citizen of the US or in the process of receiving naturalization status.
  • Must have a high school diploma or a GED Certificate.
  • Must be able to furnish documents verifying that applicant meets the first three qualifications, if so requested.

Selection procedures

All those who have filled out an application will be notified, by registered mail, on specific dates and times that they can take the required standard apprenticeship application test. This exam is usually administered once a year during the month of May. The union does not, however, select apprentices every year. Rather, they do so when the need arises and when work is available.

Applicant, upon meeting above qualifications, will be required to take the Millwright qualifying test. Any applicant scoring below 70 will be ruled ineligible, and will be so notified by mail. Qualified applicants will be notified on when and where to appear for an oral interview by the Joint Apprenticeship Committee. Those who fail to show up for their interview will be ruled ineligible.

Applicants who are interviewed will be ranked and scored according to their test score, past experience and the interview itself. They will then be placed on a list of eligibles in descending order according to their final composite score.

The Joint Apprenticeship Committee will determine, prior to the interview period, how many applicants they will accept into the program for that particular year.

More Information

Tools Needed

The union puts out a recommended list of tools that include almost all basic hand tools. Eventually, a millwright will spend $4,000-$5,000 for their tools.

Transportation Requirements

Workers are expected to have their own means of transportation. The job sites are scattered in the northern half of Minnesota.


A beginning apprentice starts at 65% of the wage earned by a journeyperson. She/he will receive a 5% increase in pay for each 1,000 hours worked and 144 hours of related training.

Union Dues

There is an initiation fee of $280, and an assessment fee of $70. The initiation fee is $145 for apprentices. The membership dues are $25 for journey-level and $20 for apprentices.

Contact Us

Millwrights Local 1348
307 - 1st Street North
Virginia, MN 55782
(218) 741-6314

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Rodger D. Brown
Wayne Nordin