Parent's Page

parentsYou want your child to become successful. That means they can support themselves and cover the basics of food, clothing and shelter. You want them to enter a career with growth potential and good pay and benefits. You hope they secure a career they love every single day. What you've heard is the only way for your child to attain that success is to complete a bachelor's degree. You worry about how to pay for that with reports of escalating tuition costs. How far will your college fund go? If your child takes out school loans, will they ever be able to pay off that crushing debt? Your other fear is that your bright and energetic child is not exactly college material. Remember the tears at the kitchen table when you tried to help with homework assignments? How many nagging reminders did you give regarding studying for tests or writing papers?

You know your child best—they learn by doing, by moving. Your child is a kinesthetic learner. Your child might thrive in a construction registered apprenticeship.

You should be aware of these facts about apprenticeship:

  • Hands-on career training means a paycheck from day one. Earning that are guaranteed to increase over time as the person earns new skills.
  • Completing an apprenticeship is the first step to a long-term career.
  • No educational debt!
  • Skills for life, recognized anywhere in the United States.