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Apply for a Construction Apprenticeship: Upcoming Application Deadlines in January

Minnesota construction trade apprenticeship application deadlines are fast approaching for January. Three local building and construction trades unions have applications due within the coming weeks, offering an opportunity for young people who are at least 18 years old and have completed their high school education or equivalent to apply.

Minneapolis Plumbers JATC Local #15, January 3-27, 20228:30 am – 2:30 pm, Monday – Thursday

Plumbers install piping systems that carry liquids, gasses, and waste for residential, commercial and industrial operations. Plumbers also install fixtures such as sinks, toilets, water heaters, drinking fountains, bathtubs and showers in homes, businesses, schools, and hospitals among other places.

Like most trades, plumbers may work in the extreme heat of summer and harsh cold of winter. Ladders and lifts are used to work in elevated or confined spaces.

Plumbers also must be good at communicating their ideas, especially if the work is done in residential areas or in teams. Knowledge of a variety of tools and being cautious and aware of safety practices always ensures a plumber gets the job effectively. High school students preparing to become a plumber should seek out part-time jobs that require being physically fit and outdoors in a variety of conditions.

The Minneapolis Plumbers JATC Local #15 is only accepting applications in person for this apprenticeship program.

Application Guidelines:

Plan for about an hour and a half to apply and take required aptitude tests. Once the process is started the applicant must complete it. Please plan time accordingly.

Applicants will take a basic math and verbal skills test, as well as a mechanical aptitude test and a risk assessment. Consider reviewing basic algebra skills, fractions, percentages etc.

Required items to bring: Bring an electronic copy of your high school diploma, high school transcript, or GED.  Be sure to have a copy that can be accessed by email. Applicants will be provided with secure access to email in the JATC computer lab, so that they can receive the link to the application and testing. Part of the application requires that applicants upload their high school diploma, transcript, or GED, so they must be able to submit this via email. This is required. Applicants may also submit any additional documents at this time (letters of recommendation, resume, etc.).

Applicants will be required to have their temperature taken at the JATC thermal scanner, use the hand sanitizer, and be correctly wearing a mask before being admitted to the building. Properly worn masks are always required while in the building. Masks are provided if needed. Social distancing measures will be in place.

Location: 8625 Monticello Lane North, Suite 2, Maple Grove MN 55369. Enter at the north entrance, under the Training Center awning.

What’s next after tests are completed? Applicants will receive an email once they have successfully completed the application process and tests, with information regarding the next steps. This email will not be sent before January 28th. Please look for it by February 4th. Email updates will be sent to the email address the applicant provided.

Those interested in a career in pipefitting can visit the Construction Career Foundation’s Plumbing page to access key information regarding the trade, including wages, benefits, and recommended high school courses.

Pipefitters Local #539, January 1-14 

The application for a pipefitting apprenticeship with Local #539 will open the first week of January, and will close on Friday, January 15, 2022, at 3:00 p.m.

Pipefitters install, maintain, and repair high and low-pressure steam systems, high and low-pressure hot water systems, snow-melting systems, refrigeration systems, heating, gas and oil piping, pneumatic electronic controls, and air conditioning units. Pipefitters install systems in high or enclosed spaces and in all types of weather conditions.

Students with an affinity for problem-solving, who want to utilize mechanical skills, and who are physically strong will be a great fit for an apprenticeship and career in pipefitting.

Pipefitters Local Union #539 has jurisdiction over 22 counties in central Minnesota. There are two tracks that apprentices can take within this union: Construction Pipefitting and HVAC/R Service Application.

Students who wish to enter the HVAC/R Service Application track must first complete a two-year Technical College Day school course in residential and commercial HVAC/R service. Students who wish to enter the Construction Pipefitting track must have a high school diploma or state-issued GED certificate and be at least 18 years of age.

If your application and all required attachments are not received by Friday, January 15, 2022, at 3:00 p.m., the application will be considered incomplete, and the applicant will have to reapply the following year. All applications must be completed online and will only be available between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

After submission of the application, applicants will begin the interview process with the union.

To learn more about the application process or view qualifications, click here.

Those interested in a career in pipefitting can visit the Construction Career Foundation’s Pipefitting page to access key information regarding the trade, including wages, benefits, and recommended high school courses.

Sprinklerfitters Local Union #417, January 10-21

Applications for an apprenticeship through the Sprinklerfitters Local Union #417 will be open from January 10-21, 2022. During this time, interested applicants should visit the website to view the link to the online application.

Sprinkler fitters install sprinkler fire protection systems. These trade professionals work in existing and newly constructed buildings, in conditions ranging from hot boiler rooms to unheated open buildings at winter temperatures. Most of the work takes place at the ceiling level using ladders and lift platforms at heights generally ranging from 8 to 20 feet, and, in some cases, up to 100 feet.

Students who are mechanically inclined, have a history of taking auto body mechanics and robotics classes, and who consider themselves to have great attention to detail will be well-suited for an apprenticeship and career in sprinkler fitting.

Local Union #417’s apprenticeship program is a 5-year program, where students will complete a minimum of 8,000 hours of on-the-job training and a minimum of 800 hours of classroom instruction. Classroom training is completed 1 or 2 nights a week throughout the year.

Following submission of the application, qualified applicants will be interviewed in February or March.

To apply and learn more about the program, click here. Those interested in sprinkler fitting can visit this page to learn more about the trade and get connected to the local union in their area.

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