Sign, Display, Screen Process and Tradeshow Workers

Sign and display craftspersons design, construct, paint and erect signage and trade show exhibits (made of metal, vinyl, glass, wood, neon, and plastic) for a wide range of objects and buildings. You will specialize in a particular segment of this varied industry, such as graphic design, fabrication, silk-screening or installation. As a sign and display skilled tradesperson, you have a wide variety of career choices and will learn essential skills such as: blueprint reading, surface preparation, use and care of state-of-the-art equipment, and health and safety regulations.

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Roofers and Waterproofers

Working on a variety of building types, union roofers and waterproofers protect those facilities against water intrusion and damage to the structure and its contents.

Roofers in the commercial and industrial sector learn to install built-up type or single-ply roofing and modified hot bitumen or torched-on. They work in high places and in all types of weather.

Waterproofers protect the building against moisture intrusion, which can be done below grade on a structure’s foundation. Waterproofing also is done on plaza decks, parking garages and other sections of buildings.


Do you like working with machines, tools and precision instruments? Becoming a millwright might be the career path for you. Millwrights install, maintain, diagnose and repair industrial machines. Millwrights work on compressors, pumps, conveyors, extruders, power generation and mining equipment with hand tools, power tools and welding equipment. Millwrights need strong math, geometry, mechanical and welding skills.

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Grab your steel-toed work boots, hard hat, vest and safety glasses and start your rewarding career as a laborer! Laborers are the backbone of the construction industry. They work in nearly every facet of construction; including, but not limited to, building, highways and roads, environmental remediation, mainline pipeline, distribution, landscaping and commercial cleaning. Specific tasks laborers may perform include asbestos abatement, concrete placement, scaffold erection, mason tending, demolition, plaster tending, and site cleanup.

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Elevator Constructors

Elevator apprentices are responsible for assisting in the installation, maintenance and repair of passenger elevators, freight elevators, dumbwaiters, escalators, moving walks and automated people movers under the direction of an elevator journeyperson.

Work involves pit structures, main and counterweight guide rails, machine room and overhead installation, car and counterweight assembly, circuit tracing and troubleshooting, construction wiring, elevator rope replacement, electrical and mechanical repairs and more. Elevator constructors work at heights, in tight spaces and inside and outside in all weather conditions.

Construction Managers

Are you a leader with strong organizational, analytical, technical, and communications skills? A career in construction management may be calling you. There are hundreds of construction careers with a single company, such as project managers and estimator bidders. These are great careers that not only give you financial rewards but will also give you a sense of pride, a sense of accomplishment and the ability to leave your mark on the world.

A career in construction management requires field experience and class instruction from professional architects, engineers, builders and construction managers.

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Heat and Frost Insulator

Are you interested in a career that invests in the future and supports our planet? Heat and frost insulators significantly lower energy costs and help create a lighter carbon footprint (they have been “green” for more than 100 years!). Mechanical insulators have the skills and problem solving strategies critical to meeting the challenges of the most demanding mechanical insulation applications. As a heat and frost insulator, you will install mechanical insulation solutions in some of the most challenging environments: nuclear plants, military facilities, manufacturing and chemical plants, retail malls, hospitals, university and educational buildings and more.

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