Limited Energy Electrician

Starting Wage


Journey-Level Wage


The Minnesota Statewide Limited Energy Apprenticeship Program uses the wage scale as defined in the Limited Energy Union Agreement. Wage rates listed are in effect until June 30, 2020. Click here, for additional wage and benefit information.

Rock-Solid Benefits

  • Retirement And Pension Funds

  • Wellness Program

  • Health Care

  • Vacation Fund

Career Requirements

  • Must Be 18 Years Old For Hire

  • High School Diploma or GED

  • Driver's License

  • Completed Algebra

A limited energy electrician installs a camera outside of a building.

Limited energy technicians install, terminate, inspect, maintain, repair, service and pull wire for electrical systems and equipment under 100 volt-amperes. Examples include: fire alarm, security, access control, voice & data, video surveillance, fiber optics, CATV, nurse call and paging systems. Technicians work indoors and outdoors. Workspaces may be in confined spaces or at heights.


Apply to the Limited Energy Electrician Apprenticeship, here.

CCF Career Spotlight Electrician Crystal

Crystal Rance expresses her love for her career and the empowerment she feels as an electrician. Crystal found her career in Minnesota. Find yours at https://constructioncareers.org/


High school students should take construction courses that focus on mechanical tasks and building, shop, and trade courses. English and communication courses are also important, as much of a limited energy electrician’s time is spent working in teams or communicating results to others.

Completion of high school classes does not count for hours in the apprenticeship program, but the experience and classes taken are valuable in building student’s skill set.


A two-year diploma is not required to qualify for those who complete the Installer Apprenticeship Program to become a Limited Energy Electrician. However, for those graduated from the Installer Apprenticeship who wish to pursue the Technician Apprenticeship Program, a two-year degree in Information technology or construction is required. Call the Minnesota Statewide Limited Energy JATC at 763-571-5922 prior to signing up for post-secondary opportunities to confirm credits transfer.

Candidates can receive a maximum of 2,800 hours of on-the-job credit hours for prior experience in the field. If candidates want to request credit for other working hours, they must submit verifiable documentation that prior working experience was in this industry. Recommended schools and programs include: Dunwoody IT, Construction Certificate, and North Hennepin Technical College, Construction Manager.


This apprenticeship is a paid three-year program in which apprentices receive on-the-job practical training and classroom instruction. To complete an apprenticeship, candidates must complete 6,000 hours of on-the-job-work experience and a minimum of 160 hours per year of classroom training. Apprentices are eligible for health and dental insurance on the first day of the second month of participation. Learn more here.

Apprentices will qualify as Journey Installers after registering their license with the state of Minnesota and completing two hours of National Electrical Coding training. The license is renewed annually.

Entrance to the apprenticeship runs all year. There is an application fee of $40. The application process begins after a contractor hires a candidate. Find a list of contractors to apply to, here.

Candidates must take an electrical aptitude test and present a transcript that shows at least a C was earned in Algebra to qualify for an apprenticeship. There is no tuition cost, but students will pay about $500 for books per year.

The JATC provides apprenticeship training and continuing education for the power-limited electrical industry; specifically, to members and contractors signatory to the Minnesota Limited Energy Agreement.

Areas of technical training include but are not limited to:
• Voice, Data, Video
• Fire Alarms
• Audio
• Computer Networking
• Structured Wiring
• First AID and CPR
• Security and Access Control Systems
• OSHA Construction Safety

Twin Cities Metro Area – Applications are accepted Monday through Friday 9 am to 3 pm at the Limited Energy Apprenticeship JATC 452 Northco Dr. Suite140 , Fridley MN 55432

Duluth Area – Applications are accepted at IBEW Local 242. 2002 London Dr. Room 111 Duluth MN 55812. Phone: 218-728-6895

Rochester Area – Applications are accepted at IBEW Local 343. 9 80th St SE, Rochester MN 55904. Phone: 507-282-7081


There is no direct entry program for military members applying for a limited energy electrician apprenticeship. Candidates can receive a maximum of 2,800 hours of on-the-job credit hours for prior working experience. If candidates want to request credit for other working hours they must submit verifiable documentation that prior working experience was in this industry. The Military Occupational Specialty (M.O.S.) must be electrically related for candidates to be considered for credit completion.

CCF Career Spotlight Electrician Hannah

Hannah Niedenfuer talks about her electricians apprenticeship program and about her enthusiasm for finding a career that she loves. Hannah found her career in Minnesota. Find yours at https://constructioncareers.org/


Strong mechanical aptitude, spatial reasoning and a knack for troubleshooting and understanding how things work is important for limited energy electricians. Being able to be a team member and having good interpersonal skills are crucial to a person’s success on the job.

For high school students preparing to become a limited energy electrician, consider part-time jobs that involve problem solving and or working with others such as participating on a sports team to build experience.

Local Offices

Twin Cities

Statewide Limited Energy JATC

452 North Co Drive #140
Fridley, MN 55432

Drug Testing

An employer/contractor/apprenticeship instructor may require drug and alcohol testing of employees and applicants for employment, including random testing.

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