Pile Drivers

Starting Wage


Journey-Level Wage


***Wages may vary by state and county.***

Rock-Solid Benefits

  • Retirement And Pension Funds

  • Health Care

Career Requirements

  • Must Be 18 Years Old For Hire

  • High School Diploma or GED

  • Driver's License

Do you want to help build the foundation of our community? A career as a pile driver might be right for you. Pile drivers install, drive, repair and remove the deep piles, foundations, steel sheeting and shoring on which buildings, bridges, docks and more depend. They also build retaining walls that hold back dirt and water for bridge construction, tunnel, and bulkheads. Pile drivers direct large, crane-like machines that drive or drill metal, concrete or wood piling into the ground. They frequently weld and cut large metal beams and sheeting. Pile drivers are typically the first ones on a construction site and may be required to work nights or weekends on projects such as roadways and bridges. 


CCF Trade Spotlight Pile Driver Erica

A career that works for working moms. Listen to Erica Crosby’s apprenticeship story. Visit Constructioncareers.org and email info@constructioncareers.org for more information.


To become a pile driver, high school students should take construction, building, shop, and trade courses. Knowledge of machinery and heavy equipment is also beneficial for this trade.

Completion of high school classes does not count for hours in the apprenticeship program, but the experience and classes taken are valuable in building a student’s skill set and should be discussed in the interview.


All our crafts and signatory contractors operate state-certified training programs called apprenticeships. They combine classroom and hands-on training with on-the-job experience. The training is free. Plus, apprentices earn livable wages while they learn.

The Regional Council, in cooperation with partner contractors, operates the largest apprenticeship training program in Wisconsin and the second largest in Minnesota. Combined, they train more than 1,600 men and women annually.

To qualify for an apprenticeship, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a high school diploma, G.E.D., or high school equivalency diploma
  • Be sponsored by a union contractor

You will have to meet the physical and performance demands of the job, pay an entry fee, and purchase basic work clothing and tools for your trade. Construction is hard, physical work, often in uncomfortable weather conditions and sometimes at unusual hours. Our members must work hard, be reliable, and show up on time every day.

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Pile Drivers almost always work outdoors; at times, they work on barges and other floating stations, or even under water. Hours can be long, especially in the summer, and the nature of the industry means they travel where needed.

Pile Drivers need good math skills and the ability to read blueprints and interpret engineering specifications. They learn welding, cutting, rigging, safety and environmental regulations.

Local Offices


L. J. Shosten Union Training Center

1295 North Hunting Valley Road
St. Paul, MN 55108

Drug Testing

An employer/contractor/apprenticeship instructor may require drug and alcohol testing of employees and applicants for employment, including random testing.

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