Construction Career Exploration Activities and Resources for Middle School Students

Learn2Build provides construction career exposure for middle school youth by offering activity kits, hands on events such as construction camps and afterschool programming, and resources for teachers to use in their own classrooms.

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Activity Kits

The activity kits are construction learning activities for middle school aged youth. Each kit includes building materials, a selection of hand tools to keep, safety equipment, and printed directions.

Kits not only help middle school youth learn to correctly use tools and have fun building things while learning about various careers in construction, they also learn about energy and environmental aspects intertwined with each trade.

Hands On Events

Learn2Build events provide construction career exposure for middle school youth by offering construction camps and after school programming.

Through this programming, youth conduct exciting activities focused on the construction building trades industry. Kids work individually and in teams to learn about construction concepts and designs.


Teacher Resources

Through the Learn2Build program, CCF offers curriculum materials and supplemental resources to middle school teachers for implementation in their own classrooms.

The curriculum and resources bring construction trades experiences to young people as they begin to think about their high school and post-secondary options.

For more information, contact Lindsay Tallman at lindsay@constructioncareers.org.

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