Trades Navigator

Our trades navigator can help guide you on your construction career path

CCF provides support services for young adults (18-21) to help them navigate to registered apprenticeship programs and employers.  The trades navigator builds relationships with educators, trades, trades schools and employment partners, to provide the best support to youth for career exploration. The navigator builds a mentoring relationship with youth, and works with community resources to help youth find support resources and ongoing transition support.

If you are a student seeking apprenticeship information and guidance OR an educator requesting a classroom Trades Navigator presentation contact Charie Gill at charie.gill@constructioncareers.org

Meet Charie Gill

Charie Gill is the statewide Trades Navigator. She is responsible for assisting and directing youth exploring careers in Minnesota’s construction building trades and helping them plan and prepare for apprenticeships.

As Trades Navigator, Gill will connect committed students with career opportunities made available by Construction Careers Foundation stakeholders, such as construction trade unions, as well as union training centers and signatory contractors.

Gill is a seasoned professional with expertise in project management, leadership development, and program design, working with various teams and in high-pressure environments with resilient ease. She’s had substantial exposure to developing and managing innovative programming and training opportunities to advance knowledge and skills in individuals. Gill is a caring individual dedicated to advocating for underrepresented populations. Committed to inclusion, diversity, equity, and seeing communities flourish. Her leadership, alongside clear core values of diligence, integrity, and effective communication, are her drivers to success.

Contact Trades Navigator Charie Gill at charie.gill@constructioncareers.org