Top 10 Construction Jobs with the Fastest-Growing Wages

Roofers, terrazzo workers and finishers, and stonemasons are among the construction jobs in the United States with the fastest-growing wages as of 2023.

For a young person trying to choose a forever career, there are many factors to consider. What will the work-life balance be? What is my passion? How can I align my career with my purpose? What am I good at? Finally, will I make enough money to live the life I want to live?

That last one is a doozy. In fact, it’s arguably one of the biggest questions that a person will ask themselves in their young life. However, young people with an affinity for hands-on work can breathe a sigh of relief, because wages for the construction industry are indeed on the rise.

According to a recent report by Construction Coverage titled, “Construction Jobs With the Fastest-Growing Wages,” median weekly earnings for full-time construction and extraction occupations reached an all-time national high of $982 as of April 2023, up 7.6% from one year prior (compared to an inflation rate of 4.9% over the same time period).

This is compared to a 12-month percent change of -1.1% for weekly earnings for all employees in the United States during the same time period, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Not to mention, the report notes that Minnesota and North Dakota were among the states with the highest average wages for construction and extraction jobs as of 2022. Fellow Midwest state, Illinois, lead the nation with a cost-of-living adjusted mean annual wage of $73,226 in 2022.

Career “pros and cons” list-makers and industry advocates alike should keep in mind that wages in the construction industry vary widely by occupation, more so than by location. For more resources regarding wages, key skills, success stories, and relevant contacts for the 30+ construction trades in Minnesota, visit the Careers page on www.ConstructionCareers.org.

For an inside look into the top 10 construction jobs with the fastest-growing wages in the United States, check out the table below or read the full report by Construction Coverage, here.




5-year percentage change in wage (nominal)

5-year percentage change in wage (inflation-adjusted)

Mean annual wage (2022)

Mean annual wage (2017)

Total employment

Roofer Helpers 1 +37.6% +15.2% $40,880 $29,710 5,790
Terrazzo Workers and Finishers 2 +35.5% +13.5% $61,680 $45,520 1,460
Stonemasons 3 +32.4% +10.9% $56,100 $42,370 10,220
Quarry Rock Splitters 4 +30.4% +9.2% $47,010 $36,050 3,910
Miscellaneous Construction Trade Helpers 5 +28.1% +7.3% $40,790 $31,830 27,920
Mason, Tile Setter, and Marble Setter Helpers 6 +26.3% +5.8% $44,230 $35,020 17,730
Floor Sanders and Finishers 7 +25.6% No statistically significant change $49,330 $39,260 4,270
Carpenter Helpers 8 +25.0% +4.7% $38,880 $31,100 24,580
Painter, Paperhanger, Plasterer, and Stucco Mason Helpers 9 +24.4% No statistically significant change $38,040 $30,570 8,630
Floor Layers (Except Carpet, Wood, and Hard Tiles) 10 +23.2% No statistically significant change $54,870 $44,530 20,710

Source: Construction Coverage. For more information about each occupation, a detailed methodology, and complete results, see Construction Jobs With the Fastest-Growing Wages on www.constructioncoverage.com. 

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