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Journey-Level Wage


***The listed wages may vary by state and county.***

Rock-Solid Benefits

  • Retirement And Pension Funds

  • Wellness Program

  • Health Care

  • Vacation Fund

Career Requirements

  • Must Be 18 Years Old For Hire

  • High School Diploma or GED

  • Driver's License

  • Reliable Transportation

Help save property and lives every day. Discover a challenging and rewarding career as a union sprinkler fitter. The installation of sprinkler fire protection systems is a critical step in the construction of any building. Sprinkler fitters will largely find themselves in commercial buildings and work with valves, hangers and steel or plastic pipes. Most of the work takes place at the ceiling level using ladders and lift platform at heights generally ranging from 8 to 20 feet, and, in some cases, up to 100 feet.

Sprinkler fitters work in existing and newly constructed buildings, in conditions ranging from hot boiler rooms to unheated open buildings at winter temperatures.


Enroll in a Sprinkler Fitters apprenticeship program through Local 417, here. Applications are accepted every other year for a period of 10 days. The next scheduled application date is January 2023. Once you have completed the application process and have obtained a ranking number, that ranking number is only eligible until the next application process begins.

CCF Career Spotlight Sprinkler Fitter Megan

Don’t pay to learn. Get paid to learn. Megan Ringwelski, in her fourth year of training with Sprinklerfitters Local 417, was named Apprentice of the Year.


The recommended prerequisites for high school students include construction courses, shop courses, and math and science courses. Calculating slope and pressure per square foot are frequently used in the trade.

Sprinkler Fitter apprentices are frequently mechanically inclined. They often have a history of taking auto body mechanics and robotics classes.

Students with OSHA 10 or CPR credits or proof of a passed/completed related-course are encouraged to bring in proof to be evaluated for credit during the sprinkler fitter interview process.


A two-year diploma is not required to qualify for a sprinkler fitter apprenticeship.

Local 417 recommends contacting Ferguson Fire & Fabrication in Brooklyn Center or Pipe Fabricators in Maple Grove to shadow and learn some trade lingo before completing the application process.


A sprinkler fitter apprenticeship is a five-year paid program in which apprentices receive both on-the-job practical training and classroom instruction. The apprenticeship requires 8,000 hours of on-the-job training and a minimum of 160 classroom-training hours each year.

Interested candidates should resource local offices listed below for apprenticeship interview opportunities in your area. Local 417 recommends researching the trade before the interview, dressing well and bringing resumes with references or letters of recommendation to the interview. A panel will conduct the interview.

To qualify for an apprenticeship, candidates will also have to pass a mechanical aptitude test. If a candidate has OSHA 10 or CPR credits he/she is encouraged to bring in proof of passing the exams to be evaluated for credit.

When a sprinkler fitter apprentice can demonstrate competence in vital skills, the apprenticeship will be complete. Apprentices will graduate to journey-level status after passing the state license exam and receiving the Journeyman Sprinkler Fitter Certificate.


Organizational skills and an understanding of plumbing and fire prevention techniques are essential to a sprinkler fitter’s success. A sprinkler fitter must be organized and pay close attention to details as individuals in the sprinkler-fitting industry are often tasked with inspecting multiple systems a day and compiling large amounts of information. They must keep this information organized and filed efficiently.

High school students preparing to become a sprinkler fitter should seek out part-time jobs that require being physically fit and outdoors in a variety of conditions. A knowledge of tools and experience with mechanical practices found in auto mechanic work or landscaping are beneficial experiences for a sprinkler fitter apprentice candidate.


Military members applying for a sprinkler fitter apprenticeship, no training hour credit can be granted unless the applicant has experience as a fire protection specialist. Veteran’s can search job opportunities at https://helmetstohardhats.org/.

Local Offices

Minneapolis and St. Paul

Sprinkler Fitters Local 417 Apprenitceship Office

1404 Central Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Drug Testing

An employer/contractor/apprenticeship instructor may require drug and alcohol testing of employees and applicants for employment, including random testing.

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